Featured Client Leona Choy
Monday, July 16, 2018 by CWD Staff

Leona Choy of

A personal website should be as unique as the person whose site it is. A client engages a web designer to take, as it were, a true and attractive portrait of him in cyberspace. A quality site serves as one's reserved space in the Internet world which aptly begins with a “Home” page, a landing field for a viewer who seeks to know the individual the site showcases. The designer is given the daunting task of getting to know his client well usually without ever meeting him or her. He needs to establish a relationship whereby his client will trust him to virtually read his mind and create a balanced and engaging honest product. And to do so within a few, condensed pages which amplify from the pull-downs. Moreover, the designer promises to craft that impossible dream in a specified, comparably short time.

I'm a long-time published author who wanted a face lift, virtually a makeover for my existing 10 year blog and outdated website. I wanted to move up to a higher level in my writing craft, to draw closer to my readership which spans the globe, to more effectively market my current 25 book titles in print, and to establish a viable communications medium to coach both aspiring and already published Christian writers. I wanted it interactive and user-friendly. I needed a fresh venue to expand my viewer base exponentially. I needed a site that I wouldn't outgrow and that would grow with me. I needed one that I could drive myself, hands-on manage. At the same time, a designer who would have my back, if I wanted to rev up my creativity or get stuck somewhere.

I came to Celebration Web Design to create a new launching pad for all of these dreams. I wasn't disappointed. I was made to feel a part of the process as I was asked to honestly and in detail spell out my goals and needs and provide the information, the raw material that the team could use to create my seemingly impossible dream. They patiently and most helpfully walked me through tangled, technical logistics that my non-tech literary mind could scarcely grasp. When the site was completed, they showed me how to drive this online BMW (Beautiful Medium for Wordsmithing) vehicle myself. They fulfilled everything in the first paragraph above! What remains is a “Shout-out” for CWD and happy anticipation of our continuing relationship.

Leona Choy started her writing career at the age of 27. Leona and Ted, her husband, had just returned from a mission trip to Singapore and Hong Kong. Leona has written 45 books with 25 still in print. She continues to minister to writers and readers through mentoring and her blog posts. Leona Celebrated her 93 birthday in June and is being featured in the fall issue of Wheaton College Magazine. It has been a priveledge and an honor for by SKWD to help with the creation of Leon’s new website.

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