Celebration Web Design Launches New Website
Thursday, May 25, 2017 by Bruce Shank

Our team is very excited to launch our newly redesigned website. It has been a number of years and our old site was in need of a facelift. Our goal was to create a site that maintianed some classic elements, as well as, adding some modern elements. We always love to hear from you so please, when you have the opportunity let us know what you think.

Why we need a high quality website?
According to Pew Research Center the use of electronic devices is continuing to rise. 88% of all Americans use the internet, 77% have smartphones, 51% have tablets, 69% use social media. Yes, individuals and organizations need to promote their services on the internet. The best way to do this is to have a high quality, social media connected website.

When we look for information, where do we go? Of course, most reach for their phones, tablets or computers. Research shows that one of the first places consumers turn for information about a local busisness is the internet. Make no mistake, a high quality website is a powerful tool and will continue to be where most people turn for information. 

Three great reasons why we need an effective on-line presence.

  1. The number one place to find information is online.
  2. Credibility – an online presence certainly helps to build credibility.
  3. Creating Connections – an online presence helps you share your products and services and collect information about your visitors.

In this day and age having an effective website is more important than having a phone number. The first place we look for information is on the internet. Today, we all need an efficient, effective and visually engaging web presence.

Our next blog will contain some steps which are needed to create a high quality, effective and visually engaging website.

Featured Client –
If you’re tired of looking through the mountains of greeting and note cards on the market that may have nice covers, say little, but cost an arm and a leg, you need to check out  We are a God-owned, family-run business that has been providing greeting cards to individuals and businesses for over 15 years.  All of our messages, photos, and art work are the products of one of our family members and we consider WT more of a ministry than a business. 

We have special features like “inspirational writings” sent in by our staff, customers, and log-in regulars. We have a mail-it-later service that allows you to schedule card purchases when a special occasion is approaching, and have an “oops” section where cards that are slightly imperfect can be purchased at great rates.  Drop in and check us out.  Even if you don’t need a card, give our inspirational section a chance to lift your spirits.

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Bruce Shank

Bruce is a graduate of Philadelphia University and has been working in the IT world for over 35 years. His experience ranges from programmer to president of Finpac Corporation, a software design firm. He is currently president of Celebration Web Design by SKWD Associates, LLC. Celebration Web Design is dedicated to designing, developing and hosting websites for ministries, businesses and non-profit organizations. Bruce is always looking for the opportunity to partner with others seeking to further God’s Kingdom.

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