Proclaim17 NRB International Christian Media Convention and EZ-CMS updates
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 by Bruce Shank

Featured Partner at the NRB Convention

Celebration Web Design (SKWD) had a busy month as we attended two conferences, the Florida Christian Writers Conference in Leesburg, FL and Proclaim17 NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando. The Christian Writers Conference is always a blessing. We had the opportunity to see old friends and to meet new ones. The NRB convention was also a blessing in a different way. We shared a booth with one of our partners, Pastor Dan Allen, The Nathanael Project. We have worked with Dan over the past few years and helped him develop three websites; Joy in Jesus Ministries, 800 Follow Me and the Nathanael Project.

The kickoff for the Nathanael Project was at the NRB convention. The Nathanael Project is uniquely designed to light a spark under church folk when it comes to sharing their faith. The program explains the need to, preparation for, and tools to assist in sharing the Gospel in a non-confrontational manner. This project is an all-inclusive eight-week program for churches. The story of Nathanael can be found by reading John 1:43-51.

I want to share how God gave us the opportunity to witness at the convention.  As people walked by, the first question out of Dan’s mouth was, “Do you have a Nathanael?” The comments were very interesting. Most thought of their relatives and when they didn’t have a Nathanael, they said no. The next question Dan asked, “Are you a follower of Christ?”, many replied yes. Others were brutally honest and replied I don’t think so or no, I am not where I should be. In the time I was with Dan, I heard 5 individuals say they were not following Christ. Two of the no responses amazed me as they were workers from a booth with the theme “Freedom for Prayer.”  As a believer, I would think it would be very difficult to talk about freedom of prayer if you did not know the one to whom you are praying.

I am sharing this because, of all the conferences I have attended over the years, I really did not think about sharing my faith. We were there to offer ministries website development solutions. I assumed the people we talked with were believers. I’m not sure how many opportunities I’ve missed over the years, but I do know after sharing a booth with Pastor Dan and seeing how God used him, I will be looking for opportunities to share my faith at the next conference.

Do you have a Nathanael? I would guess that if you are a follower of Christ you probably do. Maybe it’s a neighbor, friend, relative or co-worker.  Tragically, only about twenty percent of Christians share their faith. As Dan puts it, ” That has to change if we are going to be Matthew 28:19-20 Christians.” Like me, I hope you are looking for opportunities to share your faith with your Nathanael and others.

To learn more about the Nathanael Project visit:

Our next blog will feature another partner Whispertones, a Christian Ohio Greeting Card Company

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