Pay-Per-Click advertising places sponsored ads on search engines. Gaining higher visibility for your website on Google and Bing. With a PPC campaign you only pay for clicks, not displays of your ad. With our campaigns we focus on creating sponsored ads and search results that give you quality and qualified clicks. In addition to sponsored search engine results, placing relevant ads on websites can be very effective.


You Might Want to Consider A PPC Campaign if...

you need
fast results

you have highly
targeted keywords

your websites
is new

you want to dominate
the search results


PPC Process Overview

Celebration Web Design manages your search marketing campaign in a way that generates more traffic and drives prospective clients to your business, ministry or non-profit website. All campaigns will be executed through our PPC management process with management reports available to you. Reports include clicks and onsite conversions. Your websites is continuously being evaluated for current traffic reporting. Our Pay-Per-Click team utilizes ongoing keyword review and PPC experiment to continuously improve your results. The team uses standard direct response methodologies to test new ad copy against the existing control to improve traffic and conversion rates. We look for new keywords that might bring qualified traffic to your site.

PPC Planning Services by Celebration Web Design

Recommendations for Keywords, Ad Copy, Budget, and Other Settings

Our team researches the keywords that your prospects use when looking for your business. We write ads that your prospects click when visiting your website. We create an optimal budget to be competitive in your area.

PPC Geo Targeting Service by Celebration Web Design

Geo-Targeting, Day-Parting and Other Engine Optimizations

The search engines have different options for targeting your ads. As an example, if your business is only open during certain hours or you only serve specific markets, we can help you setup your campaign to target your prospects.

PPC Campaign Review Service by Celebration Web Design

Ongoing Review and Adjustment of Campaign

Our system receives a daily data feed from the major paid search providers. We analyzes the data against the goals  established for the campaign. Our account managers review the reports and modify your campaign to achieve maximum results.


Quickly gain higher visibility and traffic to your site with business, ministry or non-profit PPC services!

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