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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a series of coordinated steps that increase your websites showing in the search engine results page (SERP). People also refer to this presence as organic rankings. Presence on the SERP for terms important to your business, ministry and non-profit organization lead to increased website traffic. While your business, ministry or non-profit does not pay for each visitor to the website from organic search results, there is ongoing effort and time required to optimize the website and achieve top rankings.

SEO generally has an exceedingly high return on investment because people using search engines have high intent to purchase. That means that rather than having to convince someone that they need your service, SEO visitors have already indicated their interest by searching for keywords that match your business, ministry or non-profit category. SEO typically shows up as one of the lowest cost lead sources in annual surveys of marketers.


Monthly SEO Services

Celebration Web Design offers 3 Tiers of Monthly SEO Campaigns. Our writing team delivers outstanding Featured News Stories, Blog Posts, Articles for Syndication, and Custom Content. We utilize this outstanding content to create high quality linkable and baclkinked content raising your search engine ranking. We don’t just build links, we create a whole plan of target business, ministry or non-profit keywords which bring synergy to your links and website. We do the hard work of SEO so you can focus on Your Customers not your website.


Discovery by Celebration Web Design


Our keyword discovery tool finds relevant keywords for your customers. Out team builds a bundle of keywords that fit within your budget. The Keyword mapping tool targets specific pages for each of your keywords.

Improving traffic from target keywords is the ultimate goal of the campaign. Topic keywords are related to long-tail keywords that are used for on-site blogging and content marketing. Long-tail keywords or phrases are more specific and usually longe than more commonly searched for keywords.

Review by Celebration Web Design


Our SEO Analysts will review your website and make specific recommendations to optimize existing pages for your target keywords. Recommendations in title, description, keyword density, internal linking, rich snippet markup, anchor text ratio of keywords, markup options.

Celebration Web Design reviews your call to action, website analytics setup, web-to-lead, phone tracking and overall website design.

Implementation by Celebration Web Design


Our expert web development team will implement the actionable recommendations from your onsite review. This includes page updates and conversion optimization.

SEO Analysts will make edits to business, ministry or non-profit website copy to include targeted keywords. 

Setup a web-to-lead form that collects your important lead data and provides sales analytics.

Onsite Blog by Celebration Web Design

Onsite Blog

Fresh content on a website is an important part of engaging the target audience. Our premium writing team will create compelling blog posts about the topics you select. Our team can publish the content on your behalf or just let you know when it is ready for you to post.

We will post the onsite blog content to your business, ministry or non-profit website and include a stock image in the post.

We share your content on twitter and look for retweets and other sharing.

Articles by Celebration Web Design


In addition to creating compelling content, our writing team develops informational articles about the topics you select. Each article is unique content. We never spin or reuse content. All writers are graded for quality and reliability by our editor.

The articles the writing team creates are placed on category or news related sites. These sites attract an audience seeking information on the article topics. Search engines also discover this information and include them in their index.

Featured News by Celebration Web Design

Featured News

Our premium writer team works to include you in the news cycle. Our news desk identifies relevant publishers and creates news stories that include your research facts in the story.

Our featured news service promotes facts and statistics that we place in blog content on your business, ministry or non-profit website to small newspapers, business associations and bloggers. This link-building tactic generates high authority links back to your website.

 SEO Campaigns increase your search engine visibility!

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